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Whether it is your first time to the dentist for a dental cleaning/ check up or if its been so long you have forgotten what to expect, we have compiled a summary of approximately how your routine dental appointment will go.

If you are nervous or normally experience dental anxiety, we recommend reading through this summary to help you mentally prepare for your dentist visit and help you relax so that you do not have to worry about any surprises during your time in the dentist’s chair.

A Summary of a Routine Dental Appointment

First Time Visits

If you have not met your dental hygienist before, there will be an introduction either before or once you have entered the dentist rooms.

Your hygienist will then have to be brought up to speed with your medical history. If this is not your first time, you may only need to let your hygienist know of any recent changes in your health.

This is also the perfect opportunity to tell the dental staff about any health concerns, anxieties, or allergies you may have. Our dentists and dental staff at Corner Cove Dental are happy to listen and make your time at our Draper office as comfortable and easy as possible.

Teeth Cleaning

When the hygienist has been caught up on all the necessary health information, they will proceed to your teeth cleaning. This cleaning is thorough and includes scraping off plaque and tartar build up, as well as flossing and polishing your teeth with an abrasive paste and tooth polisher that has a spinning head.

Examining the Teeth

Now that your teeth are clean, your hygienist will look into your mouth to identify any issues. They will use a small mirror on a thin handle to look behind your teeth and in other places that are otherwise difficult to see.

During this evaluation, the dentist will be on the lookout for swelling gums, mouth sores, and redness. They will also measure the spaces between the top of the gum line and where the gum tissue attaches to the tooth. A large or widening gap can mean the development of gum disease.

Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays allow your dentist to see beyond the surface of your mouth, to identify any dental issues that could cause problems in the future, or are the cause of current conditions.

You will be required to bite down on a piece of specially designed plastic while an x-ray imaging machine is placed against your cheek. We advise that you have a digital x-ray as they are safer, shorter in time and are all round more convenient.

Dental Exam

Your dentist will then take your x-ray and look for any signs of bone loss, fractures, jaw alignment issues, teeth grinding, and oral cancer.

Generally, your dentist will inspect the inside of your mouth and feel around the outside of your jaw, neck and mouth. This evaluation ensures your jaw is aligned and does not pop or click; your teeth are not cracked or worn; and there are no signs of oral cancer.

Results and Advice

Once the dentist has finished his examination and has all the information, he/she can proceed to offer advice and recommend any medication, products or treatments.

At this time, your dentist may also discuss scheduling another dental appointment for a procedure. It is extremely important to listen to any advice and recommendations your dentist makes and to be able to put them into action, especially if it is necessary for a dental procedure.

We at Corner Cove Dental, welcome new patients to our office and look forward to giving you the best dental care possible. Do not hesitate to book an appointment at our Draper office today.

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