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Emergency Dentist in Draper, Utah

Corner Canyon Family Dental offers emergency dentistry services to Draper, Utah, and surrounding areas. Whether you are a current patient or a new patient that requires emergency dental care, Corner Canyon Family Dental can help with any dental emergency for you or your family. We offer convenient and flexible hours and offer same-day appointments for those that need to be seen immediately. We know dental emergencies can be stressful, and patients can count on Corner Canyon Family Dental for quality urgent dental care and exceptional service.


Dental emergencies consist of any situation where you are in tooth pain, have suffered dental trauma, or are bleeding and need immediate care. Most dental emergencies should be treated right away to avoid complications. Below is a list of common dental emergencies that require an appointment in our office along with recommendations on what to do while you wait to be seen.


If you are currently experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 911 for assistance.

Knocked-Out Tooth


Although our teeth are remarkably strong, there are still some cases where an entire tooth and its root can be knocked out due to physical force. We would categorize this as a severe dental emergency that would require our immediate attention from our Draper, UT emergency dentist. If this has happened to you, please call us so we can help relieve the pain and fix the problem. It may be possible to place the natural tooth back into the tooth’s socket in some specific cases. If you can, locate the tooth and put it in a glass of milk until you come into our office.


Cracked or Broken Tooth


If your tooth or teeth have been broken, please contact our office as soon as you can. A severe break dramatically increases the risk of decay reaching the inner part of the tooth which could cause a major problem.


A cracked tooth is a serious dental problem but doesn’t need to be treated the same day. Patients should be seen quickly because the crack in the tooth increases the risk of accumulating decay.  The moment you recognize a break in your tooth, we suggest you call us to make an appointment.


Swelling & Bleeding of Gums 


If you do not floss regularly, gum bleeding and swelling may occur. Contact our office if you notice your gum tissue is chronically bleeding or swollen. Gingivitis or periodontal disease presents itself by irritating gum tissue, and gingivitis is reversible if caught early.




A dental professional can only diagnose toothaches, but if you have been feeling a sharp and throbbing pain in a specific area for a longer period, please schedule an appointment to get it checked out. If you wait to get a diagnosis, toothaches can become a more serious issue and might cost you your tooth.


Chipped Tooth


Chipped teeth are a common dental emergency and, in many cases, occur on the front teeth from an injury. If you experience a chipped tooth, we recommend making an appointment as soon as possible to be seen in our Draper, UT office. If you have a tooth fragment, please bring it to your appointment. While you wait to be seen gauze can be placed on the tooth to slow down bleeding and ease the pain. Corner Canyon Family Dental offers both restorative and cosmetic dentistry services such as dental bonding to repair and restore your smile.


Facial Trauma


If you have experienced facial trauma this is a serious dental emergency, and you should seek urgent dental care right away. Facial trauma can happen from a sports injury, car accident, fall, or violence and can be extremely serious. Ice can be placed on the area to help with pain and swelling. We recommend calling our office right away and we will get you in to be seen immediately.


Abscess or Infection


A tooth abscess or tooth infection is considered a dental emergency that should be treated promptly. If the infection is not treated it can spread to other areas of the body and cause life-threatening problems. We recommend calling our office to be seen right away. Our doctors can treat the infection or abscess, and determine what dental care is needed to restore your smile.


In many cases, root canals are required after an abscess is treated to save and restore the function of the infected tooth.  If the tooth is far too compromised to be saved, tooth extraction may be necessary. Once the tooth is extracted and the patient has healed, we will have them return to our office to discuss tooth replacement options.

Emergency Dentistry in Draper, UT

At Corner Canyon Family Dental, we do all that we can to help prevent dental emergencies from happening, but if they do occur, we want all our patients to know they are in good hands. Each one of our team members is educated and trained in the treatment of dental emergencies.


If you are experiencing a dental emergency and require emergency dental care, please give our office a call! We welcome both new and existing patients and only provide the very best dental urgent care services.


To schedule your appointment contact Corner Canyon Family Dental, and our friendly staff will ensure you can be seen promptly.

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