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Restorative Dental Care in Draper, UT

If you have a missing, fractured, decayed, or weakened tooth, you might need restorative dentistry. Restorative dentistry can be defined as any dental procedure utilized to restore the functionality and structure of normal teeth. These procedures can involve several treatment options. So, to know whether you need restorative dental care, you will first have to understand the benefits and the different procedures.

What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dental care is the combined management of oral problems and restoring the normal function and structure of the tooth. There are several restorative dentistry procedures, which means that every patient might have a totally different treatment option. So, if you have a severe dental problem, consult with your dentist to plan a restorative dentistry appointment at our dental practice in Draper, UT.

When Would I Need Restorative Dentistry?

Anybody could potentially need restorative dentistry depending on the condition of their teeth and gums. In many cases, patients wait until they have a problem or complication before contacting their dentist. Our doctors can help you keep up with your oral health by attending regular exams in our office at least twice a year. This allows our team to detect issues early on before complications occur. There are many problems restorative dentistry can treat and we always recommend patients contact our office if they are experiencing a problem.


Broken or Cracked Teeth


Broken or chipped teeth can be repaired with restorative dentistry to restore your smile. If the tooth is compromised and a dental crown can be placed to protect your natural tooth and prevent further deterioration. For minor decay or cracks, dental fillings or dental bonding can be used to help repair the tooth and restore function.


Missing Teeth or Facial Trauma


If you are missing one or many teeth or have suffered facial trauma, our restorative dentists can replace your teeth using one of our tooth replacement options. Common solutions to missing teeth are dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures. Our team can evaluate your smile and determine which option will work best. Replacing your missing teeth can restore function and allow you to chew and speak with ease.


Chipped or Cracked Teeth


Restorative dentistry can repair chips or cracks in your teeth. Dental bonding or dental veneers are a common way to restore your smile. Our dental bonding is tooth-colored and blends in nicely with your natural teeth. Dental veneers can be placed over your natural teeth to correct chips, cracks, misshapen, or discolored teeth.


Tooth Decay


Tooth fillings can be used to treat tooth decay especially if the cavity has been left untreated. Our tooth-colored fillings blend in naturally and are white in color. Tooth-colored fillings are durable and can help to restore both the appearance and function of your tooth.


Periodontal Disease


If you suffer from periodontal disease your gums can be treated and restored and any compromised teeth can be replaced with our tooth replacement options. Our goal is to restore your smile and help you preserve what natural teeth you have left. Taking care of your oral health is extremely important to prevent periodontal disease. We recommend patients who suffer from periodontitis should be seen regularly to keep up with their dental health and ensure their teeth remain stable and healthy.

Benefits of Restorative Dentistry

If you have ever experienced painful gums or bad teeth, you can confirm that it is not easy to deal with. At many times, it would mean keeping your mouth shut while your oral health indicates you should speak about your teeth. Besides, even maintaining that smile on your face will be difficult.


At Corner Canyon Family Dental, we encourage patients to contact our office if they are experiencing pain or have an issue with their smile. The sooner you seek professional care the quicker our doctors can restore your smile and have you feeling your best. When patients visit our office, we listen and provide gentle care you can trust. Patients always have a positive experience and are happy they chose Corner Canyon Family Dental for their restorative dentistry needs.


There are many ways you can benefit from restorative dental care, for instance:


  • It can prevent the movement of a tooth
  • Improves your oral and general health
  • It helps protect the natural tooth
  • Improves the appearance of your teeth
  • It can be a durable solution
  • Enhances your dental structure

Restorative Dental Procedures at our Draper, UT Office

Every case might be different, but some restorative dental procedures are among the standard services we offer our clients. Knowing the major procedures can help you understand whether your future procedure will fall under cosmetic or restorative dentistry.


The following are some common restorative dentistry procedures we offer at our practice in Draper, UT:


Dental Fillings

Providing dental fillings for teeth is the most common type of restorative dentistry procedure. With tooth fillings, our dentists can fill a cavity in a tooth with either silver amalgam, gold, tooth-colored plastic, or a glass material known as composite resin fillings.  All the materials used in filling a tooth vary in cost, strength, durability, and aesthetics. A dental filling helps prevent further damage to a tooth by closing the opening where bacteria can enter the tooth.


Dental Inlays and Onlays

You probably have heard about dental fillings used to fill tooth cavities and decays, but did you know that there are other alternatives like dental inlays and onlays? Inlays and onlays are larger than dental fillings and might involve reforming the teeth in some means. They are used to sustain a tooth filling when a tooth is significantly damaged. Inlays are used to fill in decays and cavities in a tooth in the region between the tips. On the other hand, an onlay can fill a large space, including the cusps.


Dental Crowns

When a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it might be time to consider dental crowns. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped covers placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, and appearance, hold a bridge in place, or cover a dental implant. The dental crown process involves covering a tooth with a tooth "cap" that protects the tooth all the way down to the gum line to prevent further damage.

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Restorative dentistry is a useful practice as it combines various techniques to improve your teeth’ health and appearance. It improves your munching function, lessens jaw discomfort, and helps you save money in the long run.

Complex Restorative Reconstructions

Complex reconstructions refer to several dental procedures in which most or all of a patient's teeth have to be rebuilt or replaced in order to restore full functionality as well as overall health and appearance. These procedures can be to rebuild teeth through dental crowns, dentures, and tooth implants. It may also be necessary to replace tissue and structure through gum and bone grafts to have a strong foundation on which to build new teeth. Complex restorative reconstructions take place over several visits to the dentist as the mouth may need time to heal before the next phase in the reconstruction.


There are multiple reasons why a patient may need a full mouth reconstruction, from complex issues such as periodontal disease (gum disease), major tooth decay, or other medical conditions; to simple reasons such as several broken or excessive teeth fillings. The need for reconstruction can also be caused by circumstances out of our control, such as being involved in an accident.


Besides the aesthetic appeal, some patients are unable to speak or eat correctly without these reconstructions.


It may seem daunting to think that you may have to undergo several procedures for your condition, but you are in the best of hands with Corner Canyon Family Dental. Our dentists have many years of experience behind them to be confident to give you the best advice and treatment.


We are also sympathetic to those who suffer dental anxiety and strive to make all our patients as comfortable as possible with all the resources at our disposal through our comfort and sedation dentistry options.


We take each patient’s individual dental health and circumstances into account when delivering the best dental service as it is of paramount importance to us that you get the dental care you need to live a life unhindered.

Looking for Restorative Dentistry in Draper, UT?

If you are searching for a Draper, UT dentist that provides restorative dentistry services contact Corner Canyon Family Dental. We use state-of-the-art technology, and our doctors are dedicated to helping our patients achieve a healthy smile. Take that first step towards better oral health by contacting us today!


To schedule your consultation contact Corner Canyon Family Dental, and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

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