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Tooth Extractions at Corner Canyon Family Dental in Draper, UT

Tooth extractions are necessary if a tooth is injured, damaged, or has severe decay and can not be repaired. At Corner Canyon Family Dental, we provide comfortable tooth extraction services that include sedation dentistry options to keep our patients relaxed. Our painless computerized injections numb the area, and make the extraction process easy and quick. Our doctors’ priority is to always save your natural tooth, but in some cases a dental extraction is necessary.


At Corner Canyon Family Dental, we perform standard tooth extractions as well wisdom tooth removal. Our friendly team provides personalized care to ensure you have a positive experience. We know getting teeth pulled can be stressful, and our patients know they are in the best hands when they visit Corner Canyon Family Dental in Draper, UT.

What Can I Expect During the Teeth Removal Process?

When you visit our office, we provide a detailed exam and consultation process with a customized treatment plan that outlines what treatment is required. We want our patients to know exactly what to expect during the extraction process. Our team will walk you through preparations for the day of your dental extraction and we will discuss sedation options.


We use a computerized local anesthetic to help patients that have fear or anxiety when visiting the dentist. Our anesthetic process only numbs the area of the extraction and does not numb your face or lips like a traditional anesthetic. This keeps patients more comfortable, is virtually painless, and eliminates that numb feeling around your mouth and lips after the procedure. Patients can return to their normal activities quicker with little downtime after their tooth extraction.

What Are My Tooth Replacement Options After an Extraction?

When your tooth extraction is complete our doctors will have you return to our office to discuss tooth replacement options. Corner Canyon Family Dental offers numerous tooth replacement options, and our team can help you choose the option that fits your needs. We care about your smile and love to help patients restore their smiles after an extraction.



Dental Implants


Dental implants continue to be the best option for tooth replacement. Tooth implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dental implants are permanent, look natural, have exceptional strength, and can last a lifetime. Dental implants do require minor surgery and a healing process to allow the implant to fuse to the jawbone. Implants can provide exceptional function and allow patients to eat all of the foods they love, and live a healthy lifestyle.

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Traditional bridges


Dental bridges are another option for tooth replacement for patients that are missing one or multiple teeth in the same area. Traditional bridges for teeth are anchored by existing teeth on either side of the artificial teeth, do not require surgery, and are a quicker option. Dental bridges look natural and are another great way to restore your smile.

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Implant-Supported Bridges


Implant-supported bridges are similar to a traditional bridge, but the teeth that anchor the bridge are two implants on either side of the artificial teeth. This option is great for patients that have one or many missing teeth. Implant-supported bridges require the implants to be placed first and healing time is required. Once the jawbone is healed implant-supported bridges provide natural, comfortable, and long-lasting results.


Traditional Removable Dentures


Traditional dentures are a less expensive option and do not require any surgery. Dentures can replace a full or partial arch of teeth and are a good option for patients that want a quicker solution. Traditional dentures are removable for sleeping and cleaning but are comfortable and natural-looking. Traditional dentures do require maintenance at least once a year to ensure they are fitting properly.

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Permanent Denture Implants


Permanent denture implants are artificial teeth that are affixed to the bone in the jaw. This option is not removable and feels like your natural teeth. There is no slipping or falling out, and this option can replace one or many missing teeth. Permanent denture implants are more comfortable compared to traditional dentures and eliminate pain or discomfort.

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Choosing an Option That is Right for You

At Corner Canyon Family Dental, we strive to provide exceptional service and can help you get that perfect smile with our tooth replacement options. We understand tooth extraction can be stressful, but our team is here to support you throughout the process. Our doctors can explain all of your tooth replacement options, and help you choose the option that works with your budget.

Are You Interested in Finding Out More About Tooth Extractions at Corner Canyon Family Dental?

If you have an injured tooth and think you may require an extraction, contact Corner Canyon Family Dental to schedule an appointment. We provide detailed exams and consultations and can help you restore your smile with our tooth replacement services.


To schedule your appointment, contact our friendly staff at Corner Canyon Family Dental today.

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